The CHIC Magnet Product line
ITEM# 05770001
Need More ?

Our 1" magnets are also available in bulk form.  They are available packaged in boxes of 15, 20, or 100 The magnets are separated by plastic washers, to simplify distribution.


ITEM# 05000010
The Power behind the system

These magnets are so powerful, that if we shipped them stuck together, some people wouldn't be able to get them apart !  So we had to separate them with something, and the steel balls proved to be the most amusing.  We encourage you to play with your CHIC magnet (Carefully!) for a little bit, before you "break" it apart and start using the magnets.  You'll be amazed by the power !  The CHIC Magnet comes in it's own display can, making it a great gift, or promotional item.

ITEM# 05000040

Portable Magnetic Tool bar

The portable tool bar has five cupped magnets on the top, and three located on the back which allow you to firmly and temporarily mount the bar to steel surfaces (Automotive lifts, underside of car hood, pallet racking, farm machinery, etc.)  Great for outdoor work, where you can't afford to loose fasteners, or tools in the snow.  The two handles make it easier to move, and double as hooks, to hang stuff off of.

ITEM# 05000015
Support CHIC magnets and mount to any surface

The strips are designed to provide you with a simple, and adjustable way to set up an area with magnets.  just screw the strip to the wall, and toss on the magnets. By mounting a series of strips, you can build the ultimate tool organizing grid. You can also attach some cups and handles to a strip, to make a portable tool bar.

The 24" long, 1 1/4 wide, 1/8" thick metal strips are pre-drilled and countersunk.  There are two specific holes spaced on 16" centers to allow you to mount the strip directly to the wood studs behind your drywall.

ITEM# 05000020
Increase holding power by up to 4 times !

The Power Cups are available packaged in boxes 10. Each Power cup comes with a magnet already placed inside. The cups are the real secret to harnessing the power of these magnets.  The shape of the cup is engineered to redirect the magnetic field from the back, to the front, which increases the holding power by up to four times.  The Cups also provide a means to securely attach the magnet to almost anything.  The countersunk hole in the center of the cup is designed to accept a #8 flat head screw.  You can also attach any standard drawer hardware, to make customized fridge magnets.  

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ITEM# 05770014
Designed to provide a mounting point

The Power Cup Washers are sized to mate with the the power cups.
They are thicker than normal washers, with countersunk center holes
for easy flush mounting. 

These washers are Not Magnetic
They are designed to provide something for the power cups (or just magnets) to stick to.


ITEM# 05000021
The Double Sided Cups are portable

The Double Cups have a magnet on each side, giving you the full strength of the regular power cups, but on both sides.   


ITEM# 05000025 
Great for hanging stuff

The hooks are great for hanging non metallic objects, or for objects that have a hanging hole or strap, such as clipboards, utility knives, crescent wrenches, flashlights, etc.  It also doubles as an extremely powerful fridge magnet.

ITEM# 05000030
Sturdy handle and hook combined

The T Handles make the strongest fridge magnets you have ever seen !   It is powerful enough to hold several pieces of paper, a small pad, envelopes, invoices, or anything else that you might want to stick to your fridge, filing cabinet, forklift, racking, etc.  It is also great for hanging stuff, like oven gloves on the side of a stove.

ITEM# 05000032 
Sturdy magnetic Bulldog Clip

The Bulldog clip is powerful enough to hold several pieces of paper, a small pad, envelopes, invoices, or anything else that you might want to stick to your fridge, filing cabinet, forklift, racking, etc.

ITEM# 05000031
Magnetic Key Ring

The key Ring is designed to hang (and stay with) things like flashlights, lockout clamps, warning tags, locks, keys, etc. Great for keeping a flashlight attached to your electrical panel.

ITEM# 05770022 (Pkg of 10)
Reduce slippage & protect surfaces

The friction pads are round, self adhesive discs, that fit onto the bottom of the cups.  You can use these in situations where you don't want the magnet to slide or scratch painted surfaces such as a refrigerator doors, or filing cabinets. 

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